London Street Style… Everyone is unique to the wearer..

I love London. There I’ve said it again for the 1000th time. Home is where the heart is and all that. But really London for me is the epicentre of Fast phased Fashion. I know there are wonderful fashion across the world. I’m not conceited but living in London for the past 20yrs has open my mind to an array of trends that trickle down to the High Street.

London is the revolving doorway to all the trends on the street. Street fashion has evolved with the dawn of discount clothing outlets, design villages and discount websites that now bring every designer trend right to your door. Nothing is out of reach when it come to fashion. Vintage markets are everywhere, second-hand stores are on the rise and sites like have all open the gateway  to become more fashion conscious. We have more choices and now we can style ourselves how we want on any budget we have.


The above are some of the fabulous individual styling from our London Girls. Mix it up and miss-match to create fabulous outfits.


When in London please feel free to express your individuality, we don’t conform to the norms, we are radical,we break the rules as such and we accept all…literally! The only place you are truly free to wear what you like, when you like it. Obviously rules always apply in the work place but besides those, we pretty much get to express ourselves through our sense of style. From Punk to Grunge, slonny to Chelsea girl,glamour puss to Victorian queen, all are welcomed.

Enjoy your freedoms of expression.😘😘😘😘