Visit England… Halloween Special

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Good Morning beauties.

I hope you are ready for a great day of trick and treating, it’s Halloween in England. Unlike our American friends the English are rather reserved for Halloween. Yes, there are many homes like mine who celebrate this time of year. But unfortunately, for many of my friends it’s an annoyance of some. Well not me😏😏

I’m a believer that when you have small children and have a youthfulness about you ( like myself, The child within never died) you must embrace these special occasions with the family, providing they also want to participate, Not forced just embraced. My kids love Halloween it’s an opportunity to eat plenty of sweets, dress up as goulash as possible and have fun running round the street scaring adults who can still remember their childhood imagination.

I have my pumpkin ready, my door decorated to welcome happy treaters and costumes ready…

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