Thigh Detail.. A trend that doesn’t fade.

Ladies, as the winter days set in we have to become more practical with our fashion sense. Out are the sandles and in with the booties and Uggs. Now, not being an Ugg woman myself, I’m not saying they aren’t comfy but stylish they lack lustre for me, So I will move on before I insult anyone!

With practicalities out of the way, for me winter is the perfect season to show-off your legs with great style! The Thigh-high boot is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Now before any ‘Pretty woman’ references are made. Let’s be clear, there are boots and then there are working shoes. I don’t have an issues with either I just have a preference for the more classical boot style. I stay clear of the too shiny as reflecting my over-hang tummy to myself is not my intention. Real leather or a good quality faux leather boots are the most universal choice. So here are a few I found utterly gorgeous. Stylish and wearable.

Enjoy xoxo


Style and substance is always a winning combination. 


Gorgeous and practical a winning bet every time.


Just simply ‘Lush’ no words to describe the sexiness of these clear winners.