Love me some Macabella.

Good Afternoon you Beauties..

It has been a while since I last wrote to you personally. I have had a busy year, some good some bad but mostly enlightening. With that in mind , I am very please to introduce you to a ‘Little Jar of Magic’, I bring you #Macabella . The ultimate Coca & Macadamia Spread which has launched in the UK.

Now, I don’t usually have to time to do write-ups on everything I receive but I felt compelled to let you into my new secret Crush!! This is lust, its magical, its smooth and its so so delicious. I received 4 Jars packaged in the most beautiful golden box. like Pandora you never know what you’re getting but this was worth opening. Its was a golden glow of yumminess!

Once I popped open the jar of Velvet smooth I couldn’t stop eating, spoon after spoon the addiction grew. The nuttiness, texture and full bodied flavour is out of this world, seriously I was a lover of the usual brand on the high street but I have moved over to something so sophisticated, they rest become a void!

Macabella comes to us as Australia’s  product of the year 2016, voted by consumers as Winner in The Spread category.This spread supasses other High street brands and is the best I have tried in years. It is fit for both Adults and Children, it is luxurious and plentiful and value for money for the size of each jar. Personally, I am a foodie and believe we should all invest in good quality food when we can; and if this is the one spluge you make, it  will certainly brighten your day full-heartedly.

This spread is Macadamia nut infused and made with the finest quality ingredients. This creamy Belgian recipe delivers a coca blend, paired with the finest Roasted Macadamias to create a premium spread. The spread contains a minimum of 19.5% macadamias in every jar making it the highest nut content product in UK supermarkets to-date. Now that what I call a full Body!!

Spread your #Macabella on toast, croissants, crepes, ice-cream and much more. Its a fantastic topping melt over a cake or used as a filling for your brownies. Trust me this spread has diverse uses if you stop eating it with a spoon.. Don’t do it.. dont dip, you won’t stop, like me you will hide a jar away without sharing.

So if you are out food shopping today, pop into your local Sainbury’s stores, available throughout the UK and grab a jar of Macabella, try it, it’s the best £3.00 you will ever spend on one purchase and worth every penny .

Drop me a line and let me know your experiences.

To find out more check out the link