Love your Nakedness

Greeting Earthlings

It’s a cold Monday morning in London and the motivation to explore outside is frightening but the determination to succeed is much greater than the anticipation of failure, so today go along your journey with a joyous spirit and grateful heart.

With that in mind, this post looks at the naked body and how we must embrace our uniqueness in all aspects of our lives. How Naked are you!

Since the dawn of Eve and the love of Adam, women have been judging and changing all aspects of their bodies to feed into the social norms of society. Often facing ridicule for not conforming to the media perception of Beauty. I’m here to tell you that your Body is your Temple and you must worship without conviction. Be happy with your God-given purpose. Your shape is determined by a mixture of genetics and the environment you live in. Once you accept these then you will begin to understand how your shape moulds your mindset and how you overcome the barriers to happiness without beating yourself up daily.

Take off your clothes and stand in front the mirror, yes , get naked , then grab the bits you hate the most, squeeze them, jiggle them, suck in our stomach, wobble those ‘bingo wings’ Ok now that you’ve done all that, what has changed! Did you hurt yourself, did it improve your mood in any way. If the answers are NO, then you have the same complex we all suffer from.. A bad Body Image and that my friend is the thing you have to change first, That mindset.

By constantly focusing on the bits of your body you hate the most, you decrease your happiness. It detracts from the obvious good bits that are often overlooked . So stop it, stop hating that body which holds your Soul, stop  concentrating on changing those bits that are really your natural female form. Take a reality check, you are never going to achieve perfection if you can’t appreciate you beauty from within. We all have lumps, bumps and strange bits that are hidden in those Jeans you force yourself into. That changing room challenge that prevents you from buying the dress or that woman who walks past that seems to have it all together.

Just STOP, because beauty does not come in a particular shape or size. It comes from the woman who embraces the love of her body image with confidence. It comes from accepting that I alone am enough and I alone is unique and made in the essence of Mother Nature. So instead of self criticism try saying to yourself ‘ I am beautiful in my own right, I am worthy of great feets and I am more than enough’ . Once you say this to yourself daily your positive self image will grow abundantly . Trust me I do this and it works a treat!

Here’s some Tips:

  • Try using a prop if there is a part of your body you dislike the most. If your tummy bothers you, try a corset or looser underwear, stop squeezing into clothing that does not fit or compliment your shape.
  • Nip in your waist with a belt if you have big hips and show off that sexy backside.
  • Go get a bra fitting with a professional so you prevent back-fat or under-arm side-boob.
  • Wear a necklace and elongate your neckline, bring some sparkle to your face with earrings creating balance and bring light to the face.
  • Wear some heels to lengthen the legs, I’m not talking 5 incs that make you lose your balance but just a little lift can create a much more elegant look and straightening the back always makes the wearer feel and look more sexy in any outfit.


Heels bring instant glamour to any outfit and the wearer will always feel uplifted.

Think yourself Sexy…

No..this is much harder to achieve if you’re feeling frumpy all the time. Baggy clothing and scruffy shoes will always dampen your spirits. Believe me we all have days when we feel less than our fabulous self  but please don’t have too many of these days. Don’t let your wardrobe become your enemy. You need to flirt with yourself, you need to be always prepared to capture that  admiring glance from a strange or a compliment from a colleague. Clothing can be your best friend or your nemesis, make it the latter and then you will always love your naked body underneath any fabric.

When you look at yourself with adoring eyes and a positive mind you will naturally fall in love with the skin you’re in. You will dismiss all the bits you hate and embrace more of the aspects of your body you love the most. Speak positively about your body, be sensitive and mindful of negative self talk . Say  to yourself ,I can either embrace my body as it is or I can do things that will change it for the better. Be it more exercise, longer walks to strengthen the legs ;eating less fatty foods to reduce water retention around the midriff or simply throwing out un-shapley clothing. Whatever it is, once you begin to develop more of a positive self love about your body these aspects become simply everyday task that aid self improvement and builds your esteem abundantly.

Chinese oman.jpg

Embrace the skin you are in and all will be well for you.

No one is going to save you…

Wow. this is so true, no surgery, no airbrushing and definitely not a Man will  ever save you from a bad body image. Believe me these things are simply quick fixes to what are much more deep rooted issues that only you alone can change. So instead of focusing on how the world sees you, focus more on how you see yourself, be your own definition of beauty. Be your own supporter of your image, encourage yourself by saying ‘I am beautiful and I love my body’ speak from a place of honesty when looking at what you dislike the most about your body, and only then will you be able to address the things that don’t fit your new profound positive self. Do not let that dress size define you, never look at your neighbour’s happiness and feel less than worthy, focus on only you and you alone and work on developing a sense of ‘Self-Love’ and purpose. For these are the attributes that will ultimately bring about the most happiness in your life and create that Positivity for loving Your Naked self.

So today start with .. I am my own hero and only I can save myself, I will love my naked body and all its quirks and I will live my greatest life to live.

Have a beautiful day you Beauties and stay blessed always xoxo