Morning glory

Good Morning you Beauties

The early morning silence in my household brings such clarity. The calm before any pending storms that fills our home with the love plenty would pay for. Family, the glue that holds life together even when the pressure mounts, could it be done any other way, I’m not sure.

Today, it’s cloudy in London and some of us born with an infectious soul for adventure will still ponder the streets looking for signs of life. I have to ponder the floors of the #bricklanevintagemarket today in the hope that those bargain hunters find the dream purchase.

When I look at life I often think could it have been done differently, then I pause and realise without the perils and mistakes I wouldn’t be in place I am today. The heartbreak that I thought would destroy me; the failed business adventures that stirred on further pursuits and the laughter that has given me near heart-attacks. I’m celebrating every moment with much enthusiasm.

So for you I hope this day brings joy, plenty laughter in good company and a sense of belonging. For we must embrace each day for what it could be. Be hopeful that things will always work out; be charitable with your love and generosity and be kind for many are fighting battle we can’t see on the surface. I hope this day treats you well.

Stay in your happiness.

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