Style is a very personal thing

Some people seem to be born with instant style, others create their own through years of trials and tribulations, but eventually we all find that look that we imitate on a daily basis and can often be to afraid to change.

Not matter what your style, its cant just be bought, it has to come from within.

To quote Miss Chanel.. ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same’, with that you can develop a sense of style by experimenting with the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Firstly, let’s clarify something, there are clear differences between Style and Fashion, one will outlast the other. Fashions are fast and changing, they have distinct trends to draw their audiences into a spending frenzy! Style is created by the wearer; you get a feeling for what suits, you wear the clothing, it never wears you. To become a style icon of the 21st Century you would have to have a limitless bank balance and an uncontrollable compulsion to obtain every fashion item at its inception, so as not to appear outdated. For me, that’s a wasted life.

Just a girl

I style myself with some simple classics; the staples and the one item individually might bore you but when themed together capture the essence of your character right down to its core.

The Basics:

Classic Coat that can me worn with many outfits, trousers, skirts and dresses.

Denim jeans that have a classic fit, either straight or skinny, high waisted or just on the hip. Ensure they can be worn with a variety of tops.

A Blazer of sorts. Now this can be your classic Office single breasted or you more chanel inspired cut.
white blazer
Your blazer should have good tailoring and be structured enough to be worn with either trousers, jeans or a simple skirt.

That Little Dress ( I wont say Black but one that suit you) for many occasions, funerals, dinner dates, office meetings. The dress can make or break an occasion so always have one suitable when accessorised with the right blazer, coat or cardigan.

A crisp White Shirt. This is a must I can’t emphasize the importance as worn with a pencil skirt has a fabulous chicness or themed with jeans creates a lovely relaxed casual look. Either way it’s an essential item for your wardrobe.

Keep your style personal to you, don’t try to imitate a celebrity or idolize a social icon. Draw your style from what suits your body and shape. Experiment on shopping trips by trying on outfits and taking a picture in the changing room; then look back at the picture, how does it make you feel, do you like how you appear. Sometimes when we view what others see we can develop a good sense of self by knowing what suits our shape and what enhances your best features.

Make your style unique to you, wear shoes you can walk in, not just for show. Put on decent underwear. I can not express this enough! Your undergarments can make or break an outfit. Have suitable bras for different tops. There is nothing wrong with ‘big knickers’ they can hold in a multitude of sins and create a seamless flow under that sleek fitted dress. Spanx have revolutionised dress fittings. Holding in any lumps and bumps in all the right places whilst creating the perfect silhouette. I love mine and won’t be giving up any time soon.

So ladies and gents, when it comes to style it is really up to you to find your own. You can seek influences from the fashion magazines, online and shop window; but often I have found its your friends and family who ultimately have the biggest impact on how your style develops. From birth, to infanthood, teens to your twenties. Your rebellious years are your finest hours. Your years of self-consciousness have shaped the style you rock now but again you can change at any time. That is how you own who you are, constantly revolving and leaving them uncertain.

Make your style you own and OWN IT!!

A little Gem…on the web

Hello Beauties.

It’s Friday and not a care shall be given to anything negative whatsoever!! With this, let me introduce you to this fabulous online store I have discovered..’ this little gem for all my essential everyday fashion items.  Now I love glamour but for day to day I also love comfort with style and for me this online store does just that! Giving me style with affordability and these are my orders today.

The Skinny Cargo trousers will be so overused for my day to day routines, as a working mum one needs fashions that’s comfortable, has durability and great style appeal. I’m a clothes horse at times so finding a boutique that I can indulge my pleasures is the perfect addiction ! Hence why I’m sharing this little find.

So if you have a little time today, check them out, it’s a great business with growing potential.

Have a fabulous Friday darlings and stay very blessed indeed. xoxo


This is their Bio, have a read and enjoy……

High Glamour


We are Glamour Outfitters, a small and growing company owned by husband and wife team, Dave and Claire.  Both from retail backgrounds, having worked in and managed high street shops and online retail for a number of years, Dave and Claire decided to start their own online clothing company.

Glamour Outfitters all started from a spare bedroom at their home in Manchester, United Kingdom back in 2011, which soon (as stock took over!) moved out of their home and into a warehouse premises nearby.

We at Glamour Outfitters have always aspired to find that line of clothing that is a little bit different and unique.  We believe that we are the go-to place for all fashion fans, particularly those who love to try new styles!

We are committed to offering unique styles in a full range of UK sizes.  We also design and sell our own Glamour Outfitters brand of clothing; a range of flared jeans and cargo jeans.  We know that when you buy something from us, you’re excited to receive it, so we provide fantastic customer service to each and every one of our customers and offer a fast dispatch and delivery. 

We always welcome and appreciate all customer feedback so that we can keep getting better at what we’re doing!

Email Address:

Welcoming 2016 with vigour

‘Resolutions are made in just, not to be forsaken but to be realised with purpose’

Hello My beautiful Followers,

Firstly ,welcome back after the holiday, my post is delayed but I have had a busy start to 2016 and time ran completely away with me. But I’m sure most of you, if not all started the year with much vigour and determination.

This year for me according to the stars is the year for business, relationships and much more. Now I take much of whats forecasted for us Sagis with a pinch of optimism and hopefulness. For anything that will be fruitful will ultimately be down to hard work, commitment and drive. I have all in abundance and much more.

So with the above in mind, my blog this year will take a new focus. Fashion and Lifestyle joys will still be my love but as I’m starting a new business, I will be posting little pieces of my work, which I would welcome any feedback on.

2016 is the year of prosperity and with this I wish you all a very successful year ahead, try something new, be brave in your decisions, make less excuses for your failing and be more Kind. For me this is the most important. Kindness heals all woes, so be kind along the way, open up, listen to others, share good fortunes, be generous both with your time, love and emotions.  Lets make this year one of spiritual enlightenment that embraces diversity and grow the love bank that embraces the world.

Fashion Blog



Loving you, loving me.





Clutching at life with both hands..


Hello November, please be good to me.

Morning Beauties.

It’s a foggy morning in London, the skies are clouded in mystery and the air is steeped in smug. This is the London I know and love, the mornings spent sipping coffee, browsing the newsreels and hearing the kids whispering in their loudest voice. For me November is special and my time of year to celebrate all the good in my life.

The view from my window, it’s foggy, misty and mysterious and I’m in love with the setting. 

Today the boys and I are off to see the Christmas lights switch on in Carnaby Street, it’s a tradition my mum did when I was little, it was always planned as a day of fun and family time. I’m excited like a child in a candy store. Warm coats are out, hats and gloves are ready and pack lunches made, today is a day for all to enjoy.


It’s the time of year when we look back for a moment, we remember the spring days, summer nights and the year we’ve had. But then we move forward, for the prospects ahead look more fruitful. The changes couldn’t come soon for most!

 The last bites of colour before the greys set in, we must cherish these moments like they are the last we’ll ever have. 


So as Novermber has made its welcomed grace let’s not forget it’s also 55days till Christmas so start preparing for the biggest event before the new year.  But before that I’m sharing some of the beautiful things I love about November, relax and I hope you enjoy.
Loving you, loving me xoxo

Happy Halloween you Beauties 

Helloooooo, You Beauties😘😘😘😘😘

I hope everyone is ready for a wonderful weekend of parties, trick and treats and plenty family time.

The boys and I are ready to celebrate tomorrow costumes at the ready,decorations sorted, cakes are baked and the pumpkin is patiently waiting to be carved. The only problems I foresee is getting them off to bed tonight, the excitement is killing them but my heart is filled with glee, so I will try to contain myself and limit my telling offs. So with the mood set for a day of fun,I am sharing with you some of my favourite things about All Hallows’ Eve.


Get thing ready for a fabulous Halloween party, glitz, glamor, gold ,Pumpkin Spice and all things nice.


No Halloween is complete without a skull or two. Don’t be scared, the living are far more frightening!!

Halloween is all about dressing up, candy, a little bite frightening and family time. It’s the time of year when everyone can dress up old and young and truly embrace childish antics all day long.

Happy Halloween folks, stay safe, have fun and eat candy 😘😘😘

Mademoiselle Prive.. An experience to remember

Hello Beauties

I hope you are all looking forward to a restful weekend. For parents in the UK its a week of half term from Monday. A good lay-in and some much needed recharging of batteries. I had a day off work and decided that I wouldn’t waste a rainy day indoors. So off I travelled to central London on a journey of discovery and visited to much anticipated exhibition of ‘Mademoiselle Prive’ The story of Chanel.

This showcase is presented at the grand and beautiful Saatchi Gallery. A venue most fitting for such a display of beauty, elegance and grace all rolled up and presented on the backdrop of Black and White fabrics, scented rooms and well thought out displays of some of Chanels best couture pieces of the 21st century.

Now I am adding an instant apology here The lesson is always prepare and for me forgetting the SLR camera and memory card in my kitchen was that reminded to always pack the night before. So with that you are subjected to some rather rushed and poor lighting images compliments of my ever dodgy Iphone, waiting for its upgrade!!


As you walk into the exhibition the first room is the grand entrance of the Chanel emporium, capturing the essence of the brand in an instance. For me I felt like the Lady has arrived!!

The moving wall, this is wonderful, capturing a street in Paris, the shop fronts, people moving and all that is french chic.

IMG_0138 IMG_0139

This wall is the story of Chanel’s designs for womens sports wear. Not for sweating and exhausting ones self; but simply because she could design something both feminine and chic all in one outfit.

As you move room to room you are instantly exported back into a time when fashion spoke volumes, details were important and elegance was the main player. For me Chanel is at the top of all this is graceful in womens’ fashion.

IMG_0143 IMG_0141


The above image is a bucket streaming with the famous Chanel handbag cord. I wanted to just jump in and entwine myself in its lushness. 

But I thinK I have somewhat managed to capture the essence of the exhibition and just hope you visit if in London and experience a truly fabulous day out, follow up with some lunch in the beautiful dining hall and enjoy the moment.

The exhibition finishes on the 4th November 2015. Arrive early as the queue can be long but the staff are organised so the wait is minimal. Its FREE. yes FREE, you cant ask for more and you get a lovely goodie bag and poster, just a perfect reminder.

Memories, Marshmallows and Mohair Sweaters. These are a few of my favorite things….

Autumn is finally here and my heart is filled with glee. For the leaves are falling, the nights are longer and the Moon has the winter roar that gives a little spookiness at night.  Oh yes my favorite season has finally arrived and I am embracing all that it brings .


by James S. Tippett

I like the woods
In autumn
When dry leaves hide the ground,
When the trees are bare
And the wind sweeps by
With a lonesome rushing sound.
I can rustle the leaves
In autumn
And I can make a bed
In the thick dry leaves
That have fallen
From the bare trees

Autmn loves

Its time for hot water bottles to warm our cotton sheets for hot chocolate and marshmallows and for watching family movies on the weekend in the comfort of your home. Yes. Autumn brings all the things and a little bit more.

Autumn park leaves

Long walks and casual glances along the way, the fallen leaves are a symbol of the changing lives and all that nature brings. For me its a time to focus on finishing the year with great achievements. To look back and reflect on my accomplishments, resolve with my failings and focus on new beginnings .

open fire

An Open fire is an essential for any autumn setting, it’s the cosiness and warmth that makes one feel safe and secure. The crackling of wood  the array of red, yellow and blue colour, all adding to the overall effect of tranquility and relation.

marshmellows the melted marshmallow filled their hearts with glee, for in the moment everything was as perfect as can be

And with this post I wish you a farewell, for Autumn is the season when all will be well. So have faith in the changes you are about to see, for they are the ones that were always meant to be.

Loving you, loving me.