Dancing Queen


Ladies as the sun approaches we must all get ready for some fine grooming, so with this mind I have put together the basics of beauty care which can all be done at home ,cost savvy and very effective.


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Today Let’s start with ………FEET

For the love of Jimmy & Choo, please refrain from exposing feet if less than perfect. When I say perfect please don’t take it personally, I simply mean nails clipped, heels buffed and toes polished (if that’s your preference). But exposing Hovest Crust and trying to jam those toes in pretty shoes will not compliment your look, if anything it will draw the view closer to your imperfections.

So with this in mind, here goes the simple step by step to pretty feet.

1. Buy the right size shoes.. ok ,ok, ur a size 10 but squeezing into a size 5 will only draw attention to the bumps on ur feet.

2. Wash feet daily, even if not exposed, dry in between toes and apply a powder or cream to stay fresh.. spraying perfume in ur shoes will only send out ‘puff puff’ as you walk and you will kill people when the floor heating in the car comes on!!

3. Go shops like Sam’s 99p, and get the following:

Small washing up bowl 99P

Nail clippers (come with files, FREE)

Files (pack of 5) 99p

Heel buffer 99p

Foot cream (99p too)

Clear or Colour nail polish (99p for 2)

£4.95 less than a fiver and you save 5p for the charity bag

4. At home, remove old polish ( last years that you keep re-covered again and again) , fill bowl with warm water add some Radox ; sea salt or other bathing liquid ( good for your skin, good enough for your feet to).

Soak feet for 15 mins dry off in between and use the heel buffer to remove dead skin, soak again and clips toenails, soak in clean water to rinse. Dry completely.. once done apply generous amounts of cream to feet, massage in to heels, toes and soles and put on fluffy socks so feet absorb cream.. and rest.. arrhh… Polish can be applied later if required but soft feet are a must.



Closing notes.. It is  a criminal offense to put crusty feet in pretty shoes, so please ladies don’t get caught slipping out there.. There are gentlemen checking on your toes.. remember that.

Happy Feet xoxoxoxoxox

Happy Easter

Morning you Beauties.

I’m wishing you all a very happy Easter bank holiday weekend. The weather in London has been erratic to say the least, Friday we were graced with beautiful sunshine, only to turn into the most awful rainy,windy Saturday with only grey clouds in sight. But as I rose today I felt blessed with a beautiful ray of sunshine beaming through my window, a instant blessing was granted for me and I feel wonderful.


With this, I wish you all a beautiful day, whatever you’re doing I hope it brings you much joy, laughter and fulfilment. We don’t get guaranteed days, we just get another chance to make things right, so with each day make it count and live it well.

Happy Easter and loving you,loving me xox

Happy Halloween you Beauties 

Helloooooo, You Beauties😘😘😘😘😘

I hope everyone is ready for a wonderful weekend of parties, trick and treats and plenty family time.

The boys and I are ready to celebrate tomorrow costumes at the ready,decorations sorted, cakes are baked and the pumpkin is patiently waiting to be carved. The only problems I foresee is getting them off to bed tonight, the excitement is killing them but my heart is filled with glee, so I will try to contain myself and limit my telling offs. So with the mood set for a day of fun,I am sharing with you some of my favourite things about All Hallows’ Eve.


Get thing ready for a fabulous Halloween party, glitz, glamor, gold ,Pumpkin Spice and all things nice.


No Halloween is complete without a skull or two. Don’t be scared, the living are far more frightening!!

Halloween is all about dressing up, candy, a little bite frightening and family time. It’s the time of year when everyone can dress up old and young and truly embrace childish antics all day long.

Happy Halloween folks, stay safe, have fun and eat candy 😘😘😘

Halloween is coming, so let the Spirits dance a merry song of Joy.

Hello Beauties

Today is the first day of the half term holidays, they kids are out, the dogs are sleeping and the house is quiet, except for me tapping away and my wife and kids buzzing in the background. I’m totally blessed and appreciate these moments.

So with this in mind the family are preparing for Halloween, we are cleaning and preparing our displays in time for Saturdays celebrations. I have some of the recycled goods ready for making spooky spiders and need to get apples for glazing, webs for displaying and candy for callers. A pumpkin to light the path and candle lights to create that enchanting feeling, the kids will hopefully love.


Oven baked cookies decorated with witches and ghost. These are perfect for little nibblers.

bat gif

Battie as can be, he is dancing for me, halloween is coming so lets wait and see, if the Devil comes out, to dance with me!

hallween haunted house gif

A Haunted house has intrigue and interest, shall we go in and explore its mysteries or should we just simply give this one a miss!

pumpkin gif

No Halloween is complete without these, Pumpkins for lighting the paths that lead to the doorways of homes who are willing to please.


Now that we Witches are brewing a spell, you will be enchanted by all that we shed, for the spirits are alive with the sound of the callings and with this fine brew I wish you well Darlings!


Spells and witchery, crafts and bonds, hopes and dreams all in little jars just for fun. But be very careful what you wish for because once a spell is cast it can’t be just forgotten.

pumpkin spice candle

Pumpkins Spice and all things nice, this is what Halloween is all about, fragrance your home withe wonderful smells of spice to tickle your tastebuds. Set the mood for one of the biggest celebrates this year and be careful who comes knocking for not everyone comes bearing gifts, for some this is the time for misery and the company she brings.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween and if you cant get into the spirits of things!! literally just chill its just one day and will soon be forgotten.

Loving you, loving me xoxo