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Ladies as the sun approaches we must all get ready for some fine grooming, so with this mind I have put together the basics of beauty care which can all be done at home ,cost savvy and very effective.


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Today Let’s start with ………FEET

For the love of Jimmy & Choo, please refrain from exposing feet if less than perfect. When I say perfect please don’t take it personally, I simply mean nails clipped, heels buffed and toes polished (if that’s your preference). But exposing Hovest Crust and trying to jam those toes in pretty shoes will not compliment your look, if anything it will draw the view closer to your imperfections.

So with this in mind, here goes the simple step by step to pretty feet.

1. Buy the right size shoes.. ok ,ok, ur a size 10 but squeezing into a size 5 will only draw attention to the bumps on ur feet.

2. Wash feet daily, even if not exposed, dry in between toes and apply a powder or cream to stay fresh.. spraying perfume in ur shoes will only send out ‘puff puff’ as you walk and you will kill people when the floor heating in the car comes on!!

3. Go shops like Sam’s 99p, and get the following:

Small washing up bowl 99P

Nail clippers (come with files, FREE)

Files (pack of 5) 99p

Heel buffer 99p

Foot cream (99p too)

Clear or Colour nail polish (99p for 2)

£4.95 less than a fiver and you save 5p for the charity bag

4. At home, remove old polish ( last years that you keep re-covered again and again) , fill bowl with warm water add some Radox ; sea salt or other bathing liquid ( good for your skin, good enough for your feet to).

Soak feet for 15 mins dry off in between and use the heel buffer to remove dead skin, soak again and clips toenails, soak in clean water to rinse. Dry completely.. once done apply generous amounts of cream to feet, massage in to heels, toes and soles and put on fluffy socks so feet absorb cream.. and rest.. arrhh… Polish can be applied later if required but soft feet are a must.



Closing notes.. It is  a criminal offense to put crusty feet in pretty shoes, so please ladies don’t get caught slipping out there.. There are gentlemen checking on your toes.. remember that.

Happy Feet xoxoxoxoxox

Balmain Pre-Fall 2016 Collection


HM Balmain Launch 2015 . The Reviews

Hello Beauties

Happy Sunday to you all and I am sending some much need love and blessings for the week ahead.

I thought I’d write a little piece on a recent purchase of the much anticipated Balmain Suede Thigh High Boots and Green Sequinned Dress. With the launch of a full range at H&M’s flagship store in oxford Street, I felt the need to express my ‘own opinions’ on them.

The launch itself was huge hit with the thousands of fans of the Balmain range by Olivier Rousteing, a french design who On April 26, 2011, at the age 24 replaced Christophe Decarnin as the creative director for Balmain. While he liked Decarnin’s aesthetic, he wanted to orient the label towards the finer aspects of French couture. At the time of his appointment, Rousteing was a relatively unknown designer, and has brought a much-needed fresh take on the brand’s aesthetic that remains to this day. He was credited with adding an Asian influence to the clothing, as Asia comprises a huge part of the brand’s buyers.Rousteing says his age, initial anonymity, and especially race led to grumblings amongst the fashion establishment. “People were like, ‘Oh my God, he’s a minority taking over a French house!’  and the rest is history!!

Balmain was and still is one of my favorite designer brands to this day but I must share my honesty about my recent experience of their new collection. Here goes…..The Thigh High boots….’I HATE THEM’ and the disappointment is overwhelming!! Unless you have legs like a Flamingo with calves like hercules and thighs like Barbie you will not enjoy the fit of these boots one bit. For the love of Gill and Scott these boots will only fit ‘Kendell Jenner’ so if you have purchased and wondering how the hell you will pee and sit down, I feel your pain and would suggest passing onto your longer-legged friends as soon as possible.


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The above is a purchase one will not repeat again based on hype, believe me the collection itself is truly fabulous, the Velvet Dinner Jacket and the Green Sequinned Dress is a wonderful wardrobe must but these boots have really burst my bubble.


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This dress is simply lush, the weight is fulliness, the sequinned details exceptional and the colour vivid and opulent. This dress is a perfect purchase for the pending holiday season and will make a statement at any party or event. Once you enter the room you will be remembered for all the right reasons. This is one purchase that will bring much happiness to the wearer.

Don’t get me wrong these boots are very well made, good quality suede and soft to the touch. However with thighs so long the heel is rather low and could do with an inch or two. Overall, these boots will last you the test of time once you find a way to wear them flawlessly but for me with my 5ft 4 height restriction these boots represent half my body vertically and I could end up peeing on myself through the huge thigh gap. I will therefore be parting with them with much haste and remember next time to use less speed with my online fingers!!

I don’t wish to upset anyone who has recently purchased anything from the collection, for me it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of quality designer fashion that will have lasting memories and continued wear. It was exhausting the hype that surrounded its launch but to me overall it was worth the wait and purchases.

Happy Sundays folks, you are blessed xoxo