Lifestyle Consultancy Support Services

Flamingo Media PR  supports the work of building communities through Enterprise, Career Development & Building Aspirations. Some of what we offer are detailed below.

What is skills development?
Skill Development is the process by which we assess and review the necessary qualities  and attributes needed to  create a workforce empowered to continuously carry out their duties. It is the way in which we structure, change and create opportunities for growth and potential within the working environment  so that productivity continues whilst ensuring competitiveness in the global market sphere.

It aims at increasing the productivity and employability of workforce both in the organisation alongside equipping individuals with the skills to move forward and progress.

Skills Development Workshop/one-2-one:

These sessions aim to give the participant the information, ideas and creative avenue to expire their options in the career world. We will inform on available options.

  • Employment
  • Business start-up
  • Volunteering
  • Create a Skills Development Plan 

Forward Planning
The above outlines the content of the what will be delivered. Our Clients individual goals are assessed through a detailed approach looking at developing their skills to build their career aspirations; Working on available options to fit with their lifestyle.

Flamingo Media Pr Workshop Package(s)

This is a breakdown of the work we offer our clients. We work on the basis of what our clients needs are and build on that. The details below are a snapshot of some of what we are able to offer. Please review and contact us directly for a bespoke package.
Skills Development – We offer Mentoring Support and volunteering, working closely with organisations to link clients with industry professionals. Our clients receive ongoing support and training to help them with progression into their chosen careers. These are Networking events and Mini workshops with Specialist Advisors.

Lifestyle Workshops – We run self empowerment and confidence-building workshops to support individuals to raise their expectations and build aspirations.   Designed to prepare our clients for returning to work or changing their career path. These are short Half-day workshops.

Advice & Guidance – We offer one-to-one career advice sessions, CV development, volunteer search and interview skills in preparation for the world of work. These are One-2-One session or small groups of Max 7.

The little extras that we offer…
Referrals to support, training and products
Social events and ‘Meet ups’
Lifestyle & Educational workshops
Dress for Success – The Wardrobe
Home & lifestyle ‘Overhaul’

(The above video is some of our inspirational tools used to achieve our objective to Inspire, Encourage & Enable)

What are ‘Dress for Success’ workshops?

Dress for Sucess
Dress for Success
Let your style tell your story
Let your style tell your story









We run mini workshops aimed at getting participants back on the road to success through a re-haul of their image. We don’t tell you how to dress but we give useful tips on securing that job or revamping your style.We work closely with Retailers and Image Consultants to aid you in achieving the style you want, on a budget to fit your lifestyle. We aim to raise your self image, with the hope to building on your aspirations to fulfil your goals.

So come join us for a fun half day of styling, ideas and networking.

Plus we have great goodies bags for all participants.. Just a little ‘Thank you’ for your time and contributions.

These are Half-day workshops ( Max no. 12-15 participants).

Please contact us for more information.

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