All about Me.

Welcome you Beauties.


This page is dedicated to my wonderful followers to give them a little insight to my world.

I’m a working mum to three wonderful children, two hyper dogs, business owner  and live in the urban jungle of London. I’m at an age where I give little regard to gossip, assumptions and judgements. My moments are quiet with scheduled excitement. I’ve learnt to appreciate waking up everyday. I love lazy days in my PJ’s when i can get them and drinking coffee. Coffee is my addiction, please don’t offer me help with that one.

I see myself as an optimist most times, I’m objective many and I don’t follower people often unless it’s to a free food counter, food is my indulgence.

Out for London Fashion Week with the Ladies, Cocktails, Brunch and some much needed retail therapy.


Working as a London Club promoter, the best Clubs, finest drinks and great friendships made.

(Working in the London club scene, the days of free booze and making money from people enjoying themselves, the best moments) 

Friends and Family



(Me and my beautiful daughter playing the Wii, I have since retired, my heart can’t take the jumping round, especially after Vino😩😩🍹)


(The above pictures depict my life in film, me and the girls)

I give no regard to negativity and the people that bring it. Misery is not my friend, I avoid her at all cost and please if you ever want to bribe me.. Food, that will get me anytime, and great coffee, not instant ever, i will refuse politely .My home is open to all, except thieves, liars and dog haters. They will tell me instantly if your aura is bad.. And finally, I have a live and let live mentality, I don’t have many hang ups, I just mind my own business and support my family towards a better life.

I truly believe that having simplicity and order in your life, mixed with a little chaos is good for the soul. Life doesn’t always have to be endless stress and worry, we invite stress through to company we keep, so choose your friends wisely, hate on no one because you don’t walk in their shoes and avoid anything that heighten those insecurities.

Yes , we all have them but we can limit their impact by keeping away from the ignition that charges their power.

Now you have a little insight to my thinking, enjoy my site knowing that we may not always agree on what we share but we can all share this platform with less judgements and negativity.


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