Good Morning, Beautiful People

I woke up on my sofa this morning not the best sleep but it taught me a valuable lesson. Take a break from it all. My body is tired because I choose to run myself ragged with work, family and that battle for survival.

Today, I chose rest and relaxation because one can’t continue on the path in pursuit of happiness that ultimately can bring about death. Life is for living, yes, it’s a balancing act between me trying to make my business successful whilst managing a family. I sometimes can’t be there for both and that speak volumes.

My lesson from my sofa is simply this. You can’t pour from an empty cup, Money is great but health is much more valuable. People will eventually die, spend more time with those who love you most and make time for me. Run that bath with candles with moody lighting; read that book you got half way through before work and don’t respond to every person who comes at you, it’s wasted energy.

I hope today you do much the same, relax and refuel your soul. The world needs your magic and you can’t afford to burn out before your time.

Have a blessed Sunday folks πŸ’―πŸ™πŸ½