Top Fashion Sets for Oct 23rd, 2017

Hello November, please be good to me.

Morning Beauties.

It’s a foggy morning in London, the skies are clouded in mystery and the air is steeped in smug. This is the London I know and love, the mornings spent sipping coffee, browsing the newsreels and hearing the kids whispering in their loudest voice. For me November is special and my time of year to celebrate all the good in my life.

The view from my window, it’s foggy, misty and mysterious and I’m in love with the setting. 

Today the boys and I are off to see the Christmas lights switch on in Carnaby Street, it’s a tradition my mum did when I was little, it was always planned as a day of fun and family time. I’m excited like a child in a candy store. Warm coats are out, hats and gloves are ready and pack lunches made, today is a day for all to enjoy.


It’s the time of year when we look back for a moment, we remember the spring days, summer nights and the year we’ve had. But then we move forward, for the prospects ahead look more fruitful. The changes couldn’t come soon for most!

 The last bites of colour before the greys set in, we must cherish these moments like they are the last we’ll ever have. 


So as Novermber has made its welcomed grace let’s not forget it’s also 55days till Christmas so start preparing for the biggest event before the new year.  But before that I’m sharing some of the beautiful things I love about November, relax and I hope you enjoy.
Loving you, loving me xoxo


Memories, Marshmallows and Mohair Sweaters. These are a few of my favorite things….

Autumn is finally here and my heart is filled with glee. For the leaves are falling, the nights are longer and the Moon has the winter roar that gives a little spookiness at night.  Oh yes my favorite season has finally arrived and I am embracing all that it brings .


by James S. Tippett

I like the woods
In autumn
When dry leaves hide the ground,
When the trees are bare
And the wind sweeps by
With a lonesome rushing sound.
I can rustle the leaves
In autumn
And I can make a bed
In the thick dry leaves
That have fallen
From the bare trees

Autmn loves

Its time for hot water bottles to warm our cotton sheets for hot chocolate and marshmallows and for watching family movies on the weekend in the comfort of your home. Yes. Autumn brings all the things and a little bit more.

Autumn park leaves

Long walks and casual glances along the way, the fallen leaves are a symbol of the changing lives and all that nature brings. For me its a time to focus on finishing the year with great achievements. To look back and reflect on my accomplishments, resolve with my failings and focus on new beginnings .

open fire

An Open fire is an essential for any autumn setting, it’s the cosiness and warmth that makes one feel safe and secure. The crackling of wood  the array of red, yellow and blue colour, all adding to the overall effect of tranquility and relation.

marshmellows the melted marshmallow filled their hearts with glee, for in the moment everything was as perfect as can be

And with this post I wish you a farewell, for Autumn is the season when all will be well. So have faith in the changes you are about to see, for they are the ones that were always meant to be.

Loving you, loving me.


When the winter comes calling…

This time of year is perfect to me. Red leaves, foggy mornings and hot chocolate. For me Autumn is just the most perfect seaso. When the  end of Summer starts to change into the darkness, death looms for many, the falling leaves, wilted flowerbeds and morning dew are the beginnings of change that nature intended.

The colours of Autumn are a perfect balance of lush dark tones mixed with bright hues, giving us a hint of hope! For me this season is the best time to completely express yourself fully. You can really experiment with colour over black, bring in textures and layering and explore excessive accessories. Yes Autumn is the best season for your fashion fix.


Lush Interiors, textures and layering. Autumn colour palette is perfect to bring life to your home.


Cosy nights in require something soft and inviting to wrap yourself in. Mixed strips and patterns to create an inviting and cosy look to your home.


Copper, porcelain and wood all symbolise perfectly what Autumn is about, the Brown hues mixed with white is a perfect balance.


Pumpkin Spice and all things Nice. The season of Autumn is perfect in every form.


Textures and Tones, fabrics and sparkle. Autumn colours bring out every detail perfectly well.


Cosy nights by the fire, letting your worries fade away with every crackle, snap and pop! An open fire is the perfect addition to any home. And with modern home you can recreate this to..there are no limited. Bring warmth into your life, create that ambience that will fill your heart with glee.

A home filled with beautiful things is always an inviting place. You don’t need to spend huge amounts to get that glow. Use this seasons tones of Grey, Copper, Brown and Gold to bring in glamour, a sense of grandness and add those final touches for instant warmth.

A table fit for a King,Queen and their Bubble Bees. A fabulous table setting will instantly make you feel like Christmas is coming…Autumn berries, Apples and Pears, Brambles and Torns, pines needles and Horns; these are the wonderful additions that create a beautiful centrepiece. 

So, now you have a taste of the season ahead. Get ready to embrace the beauty of Autumn. 

Loving you, loving me xoxo

Autumn Bliss

Autumn Bliss

Temperley London sheer long sleeve top
£335 –

Olympia Le Tan skirt
£230 –

Patricia Al Kary fish bag
£1,195 –

Michael Valitutti two tone earrings
£130 –

Kenneth Jay Lane statement ring
£52 –

Autumn Park Vector Graphic
£5.26 –

Collection @ 9-22-2015

Autumn Crystal Jewelry

Autumn Crystal Jewelry

Marni top
£440 –

Marni coat
£1,735 –

Marni coat
£1,735 –

Marni mini skirt
£305 –

Marni shoes
£130 –

Marni earrings
£235 –

Top Beauty Sets of the Week

In Autumn Colors

In Autumn Colors

Armani collezioni dress

Ann Taylor heels & pumps
£100 –

Tory Burch zip coin purse
£78 –

Bird pendant necklace

Tocca iris perfume
£46 –