Bringing some Moroccan chic into your garden

Good morning folks

It’s a grey Monday morning in London but we won’t let that damned out spirits. I’m thinking gardening today on my day off work. I’ve been transported to somewhere exotic with a flavour of Morocco and these imagines just invoked some romantic gestures into my heart.

Dinner should never be boring

Outdoor dining should be enchanting. Lighting, cushions and flowers everywhere. Fine dining at its best with touches of home comforts. Sometimes we don’t appreciate the spaces we are fortunate to have in London. Having a garden is such a privilege in the urban jungle of concrete. Let your garden become your Santuary. Your place away from the hustle and bustle where you can be truly relaxed and enclosed in peace.

Lay down darling….Rest your head, put your feet up with a good read and a glass of Chardnay and enjoy some peace.

I love having some outdoor space it’s my place to run away from the world and the place the kids stay away from as I will ask them to do some gardening and they usually run a mile. So it’s mainly mine shared with two dogs and a couple squirrels. It’s my peace.

The ultimate outdoor waterfall shower

Now I don’t have one of these but it hit the spot! I think this is divine and bringing the indoors, outdoor is just such a wonderful idea if you have the weather for it. Bathing amongst Mother Nature can get better than this in the city. I think this is a wonderfully simple idea but one that can bring such peace and tranquillity to one outdoor space. This is definitely one to explore further.

Whatever you do today make it worthwhile, don’t waste this day, you won’t get another like it again. Do something your future self will thank you for .

Have a great week xoxo

Self Love isn’t Selfish

If you don’t take control over your time and your life, other people with hire you to take care of theirs.

Now let that just resonate in your mind for a moment. Think about that quote and read again if needed. It’s simply talking about ‘Self Love’ and filling your happiness cup.

I’m sure you are totally aware of how essential it is to take care of your mind body and spirit. I won’t lecture you on the pros and cons , but I will say this, work productively and efficiently; look after your well-being, your health is what holds things together. Your mental health being the most important as it shapes everything you think and do.

Stress and overwork will kill you eventually, this is the honest truth.Nothing like a breakdown to show you how strong you need to be to hold things together. But without good mental health that hold can easily slip. Practice self care, take a break from everything once in a while and re-focus. The mind is only as good as its holder. You can’t be successful without a good knowledge of self.

Develop techniques that will bring balance to to hectic days. Pause and take a deep breath before making hasty decisions; write stuff down and tick them off when accomplished and develop a good bedtime routine. Early nights does wonders for the skin, energy levels and focus.

Keep moving. Literally pick yourself up go outside and breathe. Moving around does wonders for focusing the mind whilst inducing endorphins into the body. Exercise to stretch muscles and gain more energy. Don’t stay stagnant all the time get the blood pumping and watch how much better you feel in minutes.

Just remember to take time out for you. You don’t need to explain it; you don’t need to make excuses for doing it but you need your own space in order to keep living a fulfilling and successful life.

Fill your soul with happiness, love and great friendships 🥰

I am really busy…

Well, it’s a lazy Sunday for me and the family. Everyone has isolated themselves into their corners. My son is arguing with fortnite with friends; the daughter is cooped up like a bird in her room and the dogs are snoring after a long walk in one of #londons enchanting woods.

Days really can’t get any better. Sometimes we need days of absolute nothing, ones that happen organically and have no really purpose other than to exist. Some days need to be spent in pure relaxation mode with spontaneous burst of excitement.

I hope you are using this day to re-charge those batteries; let the mind wonder on things at have no financial rewards but spiritual purpose. Be in the company of joyous souls, eat a good meal with loved ones or even alone, enjoy your time. Life shouldn’t always be chaos and hustle, sometimes we just need slippers and a good read.

A Sunday well spent brings a week of contentment

Continue this day in good form, prepare for the week ahead, pack your work bag, sort that killer outfit then sit back and watch an afternoon movie. Use the rest of today to fill your happiness and appreciate every moment.

Live, Love, Life xoxo

how to wear leopard print

Enchanted Me. Creating the Story to be told. 

Morning Beauties,

I hope your week wasn’t too exhausting and you spent your weekend resting and replenishing those energy reserves. The family and I have been doing our usual routine, school work,university,football,arguing,laughter and constant dog walking. Yes, having a family requires energy and determination. I have an abundance for them.But for today, we are off to Nannys house for a much needed family gathering. Birthdays are special to us, we often spend them together and I cherish those moments. 

So before we head off I have put together some Fashin Illstrations that form a huge part in the industry. You see, before we get to adorn our bodies in the finest fabrics and jewels. Firstly, you have to envisage your masterpiece and create the story to be told.


Create the story to be told. Image yourself in the dress and feel the spirit of your imagination come alive.

 Love is real, real is Love.  love is feeling, feeling Loved.Love is asking… be loved. 


As time passes we grow through the pain and evolve into the butterfly, free to Love.


Adventure us the key to life. Your not a tree, yes you have roots in places but they can be re-rooted anywhere your heart desires. So enjoy Lifes’ journey, explore and create lasting memories.


Every dress tells a story, when you wear something you love, you have to enjoy the whole aspect that comes with it. Whenever I’m doing the OTT thing I often envisage myself in the situation I want to interpret in my outfit. If it’s a festival, well I’m going all BooHoo and sophicated chic, Brunch with girls, it’s a casual luxe and out with my Hubby, it’s the sex kitten.  

If you’re bored today, grab some paper, a pencil and illustrate your life story. It doesn’t have to be about fashion, start with whatever you like. It’s very calming for the Soul. But whatever you do, do it well, do it with Love and appreciate every moment. 

Live,Love,Life xoxo

It’s like Candy!  Inspirations in Pink. Colour Trend for 2015

If it sparkles and is Pink it’s a wonderful combination.

Pink is the colour of all things Girly. I’m a grown woman stuck in Barbies word! I’m hopeful, enthusiastic and wishing that I could sprinkle fairy dust everywhere. I love this Pink in every shade and have always been drawn to anything of its tone. For me it’s symbolises everything good and hopeful, it’s a ‘happy’ colour. It’s brings out the fun in , well most people. Pink is a colour that is wearable to all and should be embraced by many.


Does a bird in a cage sing as sweetly as a bird in a tree.

The Art of Fashion is to style yourself to suit yourself. We copy, we imitate but without doubt we have to own every piece of clothing bestowed upon us. When dressing go for form and substances over trend. Forget what’s in style and choose what suits your shape. Wear clothing that’s comfortable, notable and with a lifespan beyond two seasons. Pick colours that you can accessorise and play around with, choose according to your shape rather than ‘style of the moment’ and please choose something PINK! 

If you’re not brave enough to wear Pink clothing try a bag, accessories, shoes but for the love of ‘Jill and Scott’ get something Pink. It will immediately make you happier…  That’s my claim and I stand by it unless you are of a ‘miserable’ temperament then I can’t help you with that!

 There is nothing more beautiful than Pink Lace, it’s gorgeous. There is something exceptionally special about Lace but when themed with a wonderful tone of Baby Pink, it’s simply lush. A great introduction if you want to add a little ‘girly chic’ to your wardrobe.

Having explored the world in my young years I have often admired the buildings around Europe and South America. The array of colour adorning the cities and homes are a wonderful display of the eccentricities and history a city holds. One of the most used colours for buildings is Pink, again it’s a colour that instantly envokes a smile, a feeling that the residents have a sense of fun and adventure. It’s a brave colour and bold, you wouldn’t miss it! 


A balcony fit for a Prince or Princess. The details are wonderful and the colour simply enhances every detail.

Pink Milk-Shake Candy. Now even food in this colour is tickling ‘me fancy’. Think strawberry milk, cotton candy and marshmallows ,you food should be as equally inspiring and your clothes.


Pink Meringues.. The Devils food in beautful tones of Pink. Yep I will eat them all.


Flamingo Pink Eggs.. Sunny side up. Now this is just art so please don’t email with the ‘health’ implications of eating pink eggs. This is just an expression of my favourite colour. I just loved the image so hence its inclusion in this post.

So next time you are out shopping deciding on outfits, colours, occasions, just remember to think outside your comfort zone. If like me your wardrobe contains a staple amount of Black items, mixed with colour block key pieces ,then you are halfway there in your brave choices, just drop some Pink in your life.

Live a Happy life people ,it’s short so embrace all you encounter. 

Loving you,loving me xoxo

DIY Fashion Project Ideas….The Black Edition 2015

Ladies and Gents, I  have some fantastic ideas to bring some drama and excitement back into your wardrobe. Now I’m not saying that you ladies have boring or uninteresting styling. I’m just inviting you to re-think throwing out that old sweater or dismissing a worn out shoe. These ideas are fabulously simple with great results.


The ‘Studded Bra’. Now this simple but dramatic transformation can be done whilst chilling in the evening sun, whilst sipping something scrumptious.. I think a Piña Calada and some nachos too! Use an old but still in colour black bra and get studding…literally.


The ‘Cross-Bra‘ adds some sexiness to any slinky top. The cross bars over the shoulders adds instant style.


Tassels ladies..tassels.. Now this is such a hot idea. Simple to create and chic to boot. 


Bring out your inner warrior. Create the ultimate gladiator sandles with 10 simple steps.

Switch it up. The Black Toe Pump. I would suggest that most likely suede or a soft leather that won’t crack would be best suited to this idea. But how clever and simple and transforming.


Just Fabulous…..Sparkle all round 😍

I hope some of these ideas will change your mind when deciding that ‘ out with the old’ is the only way. Transform something that’s past its trend date! Inject some drama, add a bit of sparkle and re-invent an outfit. Recycle what was into something eye-catching and unique, no one will have the same ideas, we can all get influences but our application is always different ( unless cloned) and I can’t help you with that one!

Have a fabulous week ahead folks. Don’t let the little things eat up too much of your time and deal with the challenges head on.

Loving you,loving me xoxo


‘Layer Cake’. The Fine art of Layering Jewellery . Fashion Trend alert 2015

Hello you Beauties.

It’s been a while since I wrote a piece on my blog. I’m often sharing post but with a busy schedule I don’t often have the time to sit back and indulge in my passion for blogging. So today I’m dedicating some time to writing a few pieces to post over the next few weeks.

Firstly, I hope everyone is doing well and by that I mean you are surviving whatever trials and tribulations you might be facing. I’m ever the optimist that life only gives you what you can handle and with that take any challenge head on and encounter it the best way you can.  
Today’s post is all about Laying. Styling your accessories to finish off your outfit. I love to add layers to my look, mixing different shapes, colours and textures with my accessories. I’m rarely  a matchy matchy kind of girl. I prefer to mix it up, with jewels made of rubber,wood and metals,mixing  bows and crystals, and always a bit of Bling somewhere in my outfit.


Lay different shapes and textures to create a dramatic effect

The above image is typical Me. I would always mix my bangles, different shapes and textures to finish my outfits. 

Rare looking jewels always creat a Dramatic effect, be brave, small isn’t always significant you have to be bold to create that drama your outfit may need to finish it off. 

Create a story only your image can tell. Never be afraid to express your personality through your styling.  We must never be scared to show our uniqueness. People are often conforming to an image they are told they should be, we are judged on who we are by the way we dress. People conjure up what they believe we are, what we stand for and these assumptions often fail to show the true person behind their exterior. I’m not that individual, I often wear what I like when I like it. I’m not a selfie queen so you find few images of me on a daily basis. I have little time to express my individualism that way, but I am socially conscious of what the world thinks of me and I dress myself to suit myself and the world just has to accept that.

With that take these influences with some caution and use elements in your own styling. Be Bold, be brave and be yourself. 

I have shared below some of my favourite influences, I am taking some of these ideas to incorporate in my own wardrobe. Some I already have in the form of necklaces and jewelled bracelets, so I am going to add a little bit more and wear them as I please.

Have a fabulous week ahead folks, live your life how you see best and enjoy the journey.

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I found this post on my blog and had to re-blog immediately. It’s beautiful. Just simple lines that can brighten someone’s’ day. Bring a smile to a loved one or inspire/ empower people to live their dreams.

So take a line and start sharing the love 👌

1) You’re empowering.

2) I like your voice.

3) You’re strong.

4) I think your ideas/beliefs matter.

5) I’m so happy you exist.

6) More people should be listening to what you have to say.

7) You’re a very warm hearted person.

8) It’s nice seeing such kindness.

9) You’re very down to earth.

10) You have a beautiful soul.

11) You inspire me to become a better person.

12) Our conversations bring me a lot of joy.

13) It’s good to see someone care so much.

14) You’re so understanding.

15) You matter a lot to me.

16) You’re important even if you don’t think so.

17) You’re intelligent.

18) Your passion is contagious.

19) Your confidence is refreshing.

20) You restore my faith in humanity.

21) You’re great at being creative.

22) You’re so talented at ____.

23) I don’t get tired of you the way I get tired of other people.

24) You have great taste in ___.

25) I’m happy I stayed alive long enough to meet you.

26) I wish more people were like you.

27) You’re so good at loving people.”

Wonderful post had to share (via westcoastweekends)😍😍😍








AW Trend alert… The Full Skirt

Ladies it’s that time soon.. The time when we can grow leg hair for more than a day without fear of exorcism. The Full Skirt allows us to have that freedom with our legs. Break that painful social acceptance we so covet..

I have two skirt ready and waiting. My opaque tights at the ready and my ankle booties polished in anticipation. So I hope you Enjoy these fabulous creative styles and get you Autumn wardrobe ready😘👌










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