Food glorious food.. Morning bakes 

Morning Beauties

I hope you woke up with purpose and determination today. It’s a beautiful day in London, the sun is shining down on us, giving blessing on this glorious day. It’s cold but I’m grateful to be alive and well and I’m looking forward to a beautiful day.

With this is mind, I bring you something wholesome that will fill your bellies and souls with goodness. It’s a fantastic recipe and I hope you enjoy baking.

Feed your soul and you will be enriched of life.

Be good to yourself and stay on your journey.

Loving you,loving me. XoXo

 Christian Siriano | New York Fashion Week | Fall 2016 


Clutching at life with both hands..


Keep calm and carry on.

Morning beauties.

I wanted to wish you all a productive week. The sadness of the weekend events throughout the world have brought a sudden need for everyone to express more love. For me Love never left me nor those around me and I will continue to promote positivity as the natural way of Life.

So not to dwell I am sending some much needed love and appreciate for all of mankind. Bleeding the same colour and making the same noises we are all the makings off one designer, just in varations of shapes and colours. But essentially we are all one.

So grab something warm to drink, get dressed and continue living a wonderful,fulfilling life, we get one chance, remove your fear and stay true to the belief  in the preservation of life and embrace each other with Love.

Loving you, Loving me xoxo

Mademoiselle Prive.. An experience to remember

Hello Beauties

I hope you are all looking forward to a restful weekend. For parents in the UK its a week of half term from Monday. A good lay-in and some much needed recharging of batteries. I had a day off work and decided that I wouldn’t waste a rainy day indoors. So off I travelled to central London on a journey of discovery and visited to much anticipated exhibition of ‘Mademoiselle Prive’ The story of Chanel.

This showcase is presented at the grand and beautiful Saatchi Gallery. A venue most fitting for such a display of beauty, elegance and grace all rolled up and presented on the backdrop of Black and White fabrics, scented rooms and well thought out displays of some of Chanels best couture pieces of the 21st century.

Now I am adding an instant apology here The lesson is always prepare and for me forgetting the SLR camera and memory card in my kitchen was that reminded to always pack the night before. So with that you are subjected to some rather rushed and poor lighting images compliments of my ever dodgy Iphone, waiting for its upgrade!!


As you walk into the exhibition the first room is the grand entrance of the Chanel emporium, capturing the essence of the brand in an instance. For me I felt like the Lady has arrived!!

The moving wall, this is wonderful, capturing a street in Paris, the shop fronts, people moving and all that is french chic.

IMG_0138 IMG_0139

This wall is the story of Chanel’s designs for womens sports wear. Not for sweating and exhausting ones self; but simply because she could design something both feminine and chic all in one outfit.

As you move room to room you are instantly exported back into a time when fashion spoke volumes, details were important and elegance was the main player. For me Chanel is at the top of all this is graceful in womens’ fashion.

IMG_0143 IMG_0141


The above image is a bucket streaming with the famous Chanel handbag cord. I wanted to just jump in and entwine myself in its lushness. 

But I thinK I have somewhat managed to capture the essence of the exhibition and just hope you visit if in London and experience a truly fabulous day out, follow up with some lunch in the beautiful dining hall and enjoy the moment.

The exhibition finishes on the 4th November 2015. Arrive early as the queue can be long but the staff are organised so the wait is minimal. Its FREE. yes FREE, you cant ask for more and you get a lovely goodie bag and poster, just a perfect reminder.