It will be all White.. Part II

Morning Beauties.

I hope everyone slept well and had a fabulous Saturday whatever you did.

It’s a beautiful day in London, the sun is shining and the weather is hopeful! I always feel a Sunday well spent with the family always gets me ready for the week ahead with vigorous enthusaisum. Sunday dinner is already on the go, meat slow cooking in the oven, children running round with Nerf guns and the dogs are snoring after a healthy breakfast. Yes, I would say I have the best life and I appreciate every moment.

I bring you texture, contour and movement. White brings everything to light, a freshness and purity that feels youthful with grace. These images for me are dreamy and enriching. I hope you enjoy and start dreaming too!

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(My expressing of Love in all White. Source.

So with this warm fuzzy feeling inside. I thought I’d share one of my favourite trends for this season and one of them is ‘All White’. I’ve shared similar post relating to the topic.mim obsessed and I give no regard for those that don’t share the same enthusiasm. We are all individuals and with that I bid you all a Happy Sunday, laugh a lot, eat aplenty and prepare for the week ahead with much expectations that all will be alright in the world.

Loving you , loving me always xoxo

They can’t kill your spirit if you don’t let them.

‘You’re a bitch, you fucking get on my nerves, you fuck next man but don’t want to give me mine. Your selfish, you don’t appreciate me, your fucked up bitch, no one will want you, your disgusting,I will deal with you, you hoe’😪😪😪

If you recognise any of the above then you either need to re-evaluate your relationship or help a friend who is going through this.

#Murderedbymyboyfriend. It’s the 2nd time I watched it and was overcome, not by the nature of the crime, or the verbal abuse but the violence and pain she must have endured for four years and during those final moments.It was sad, harrowing yet humbling. It was empowering as I was educated further on the increasing number of cases since her tragic death.

BBC iPlayer – Murdered by My Boyfriend
23 Jun 2014 – Drama about a teenage girl who falls in love with the wrong man.

People we need to take note. I’m getting older and feel that every generation has experienced this at some point in life, either with family, friends etc.. But I have to share my opinion that the new generation of young people are getting angrier and more frustrated with life. I have no explanation as to why, the obvious clinches are there for you to explore In your own time. But In my view,too many young men and women are fighting an inner war which is expelling outwardly and destroying lives in the process.

So this is my piece on hoping we can all work towards re-education on the power of building Good Self-esteem in our children as they grow. Teach them to be tolerant but not to accept anger as an alternative to communicating with loving intent. I hope my sons will grow to embrace the beauty of all women, to love them with their hearts and mind and to support them in their pursuit without jealousy, resentment and discontent. I will work hard to ensure this happen.

Visit #NationalDomesticAbuse#SelfEmpowerment#HelpingHands.

Ladies we need to empower each other more, so as women we protect ourselves and each other from these negative words/phases only used by men who feel insecure about themselves. The term ‘misogynist’ meaning A person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women: a bachelor and renowned misogynist. #Oxford Reference.

Anyone who puts you down and does not build your esteem is not worthy of your efforts. You have to love yourself more.

How To Recognize The Symptoms

Whatever the cause, the more I learn about misogyny, the more I recognize how prevalent it is in today’s society. It’s disturbing in that there are so many subtle traits that are easy to ignore until you see them lumped together in a list. So… I am providing you with a list. Some of these behaviors are obvious; others I would have never thought of. I think you’ll be surprised as well.

• Thinks his masculinity depends on dominating women.
• Controls women by destroying their self-confidence
• Needs to insure that women are always less powerful than he
• Intimidates women by constantly finding fault with them
• Humiliates women in public and devalues their opinions
• Must ALWAYS win in a discussion with or about women – all encounters with or about women are seen as a battle to be won
• Blames women for failings that are in no way related to them
• Blame women for his own failings and shortcomings (or the failings and shortcomings of other men)
• Denies women’s feelings and makes them wrong for feeling them
• Makes jokes or derogatory comments about women and then ridicules any woman who gets offended or upset
• Belittles or ignores women’s accomplishments
• Wants to punish any woman who displeases him
• Has no remorse or guilt for the pain he causes women
• Tries to keep women from doing things they are qualified to do
• Selectively quotes authorities to substantiate his views and positions on women
• Will confuse issues by changing the subject, denial, word jugglery, lying, twisting the facts or acting as if nothing happened (when you both know that it did)
• A knight in shining armor – zeroes in on a woman to “save”
• Extremely possessive, wants all of your time and undivided attention
• Obsessively jealous, even of your women friend. Wants you to account for any time spent away from him
• Is preoccupied with sex and is sexually controlling
• Has grandiose behavior; cocky and self centered
• Has first class spending habits; always wanting more.
• Can’t stand criticism; always on the defense
• He has problems with authority figures in general and women in authority in particular.
• Is nasty behind the wheel and feels that other drivers’ mistakes are directed toward him personally
• Has a Jekyll and Hyde personality – Nice to you in public, but cuts you down in private
• Always the victim; takes no responsibility; blames others/things/circumstances for his behavior
• Overly sensitive and sulking when he does not get his way
• Steals, uses people, always borrowing but never pays back
• Give gifts then demands favors
• Professes religious beliefs then attacks your religious beliefs

So ladies and gents, be aware of the signs in your friendships/relationships. You have to love yourself more and have a strong will to live, and love life to ensure you are not touched by these elements.

Now go live a wonderful life, love those around you, cherish the ones who stand by your side and support those who may need you.

Always give a helping hand👍👏👌☺️☺️☺️☺️

20140707-123500 pm-45300314.jpg

Morning you Beauties..😍😍😍😍😍

Your girly girl is starting this gray morning in London with some Pink.

Her favourite hue..Yes, I know, you see it here everyday, all she blogs is Pink, Pink Pink but there is a reason,It is the colour of cheer, happiness, it evokes you to think in a positive way. I defy anyone to find a negative connotation associated with Pink. So I’m overindulging cheers me up. I’m busy today typing, my fingers will hurt, I need some Glee..

Wishing you all a fabulous Monday. You are beautiful, important and yourself first, the rest will follow.