Be inspired, be real, live out your dreams. Its often said that we live In the now but in reality we live day to day wondering how to fill our days when really what we want to do is just explore in our imagination.. so instead of just dreaming start doing..

Do one thing today that you always had your heart set on.. be realistic, if it is costly try out one of your less expensive ideas/plans/adventures. Just do it. I am exploring my ambitions finally, getting the courage to just do it. I’ve stopped saying what if, I can’t afford or Im not good enough. I’ve started to just wake up, think out my ideas and work day by day through them.. Its so invigorating, uplifting and I don’t know where it might lead but I’m doing it for the first time.. just for me. no one else. Just me.. So do you. do the one thing you always dreamt off.

Cliche .. Life is short.. Reality.. IT REALLY IS.. You are dead much longer.. 

So go Live.. 


Kim Kardashian arriving to Costes restaurant in Paris (May.21) wearing a version of these Giuseppe Zanotti X Balmain Silver High Chain Sandals (Sold Out)

Shes also wearing a Celine Coat.