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So I came across this online boutique a while back and was very impressed with the items they showed. However, as sometimes the sceptic at times I wasn’t sure that (1) I would fit into anything, (2) the Quality of fabric could be questionable and (3) Is this genuine, the real deal at these prices.

Well, I am glad to say All three questions I asked myself have been addressed. I took the plunge, ordered a few items and now I have bought some much stuff my wardrobe is bulging..

With my overwhelming excitement that this Summer my wardrobe is refined. I have clipped a few examples of my key buys to share with you and would recommend this site to you all.

Great items, lovely gifts for your girlfriend guys, we love surprises, so please buy us more.

Visit their online store @ Or their Instagram link @

I have their link on my blog, as I believe sharing is a great way to build business alongside supporting enterprise. They have Excellent customer service, swift delivery and believe me that is very important in the summer months. A girl needs hers things fast before the hairs on her legs grow back.

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My buys……

20140709-124009 pm-45609015.jpg

20140709-124008 pm-45608965.jpg

20140709-124009 pm-45609084.jpg

20140709-124008 pm-45608857.jpg


Mara Hoffman Printed swimsuit ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more one piece bikinis)