Black bottom white top or reverse?

Vitaminic Colors Trend Lookbook 2014

Morning Glory…

Morning Glory...

Delpozo mini shift dress
£915 –

Yves Saint Laurent sequin jacket
£1,160 –

Salvatore Ferragamo cape coat
£1,705 –

Chanel blue leather purse
£3,275 –

Style #3792 por vany-alvarado con MICHAEL Michael Kors ❤ liked on Polyvore

Daily Finds.

Exploring the web I came across some fabulous inspiration. Key pieces make an outfit special.

Simply throwing on a dress doesn’t make a statement, how you wear that dress defines your image. Accessories, The Shoes, The Bag, they all matter. So pick carefully and create your unique style.

Profiled Designer of the day.. KATE DIONEDA


■ Women’s Fashion Designer and Designer Clothing for the Feminine Edge ■
Online fashion boutique and atelier for the Feminine Edge, featuring bespoke fashion and high statement women’s designer clothing and apparel.

■ Not high fashion BUT High Statement Fashion
■ Not edgy fashion BUT Style that is Femininely Edgy
■ Not a fashion brand BUT Bespoke Fashion

Unveil a stronger individuality that is not only captivating, but more confident, mystifying, bold, seductive, and sexy. It is simply, feminine individuality on-the-edge.
All women have this ‘other’ side. Allow ■ KATE DIONEDA ■ to unleash yourself and infuse you with a new, edgier take on your style and lifestyle.
It is fashion and you… and your ‘other’ you.


Discovered her on polyvore and I’m love, I simply had to share her links. pop by her page and enjoy some great pieces.